Matthew Bourne's
Sleeping Beauty

Recorded Dance

Matthew Bourne’s smash-hit production, Sleeping Beauty, was filmed at the Bristol Hippodrome in 2013 following a sell-out UK tour. The story begins in 1890, the year of the ballet’s first performance, at the christening of the heroine Princess Aurora. It was the Fin-de-Siecle period when fairies, vampires and decadent opulence fed the gothic imagination. As Aurora grows into a young woman, we move forward in time to the more rigid, uptight Edwardian era; a mythical golden age of long summer afternoons, croquet on the lawn and new dance crazes. Years later, awakening from her century long slumber, Aurora finds herself in the modern day, a world more mysterious and wonderful than any fairy story! Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty is a Gothic Romance that will delight dance fans of all ages and is a companion film to international hits The Car Man and Swan Lake 3D also available from More2Screen.

Production Information

  • Territory rights: WORLDWIDE
  • Running time 105 minutes
  • Recorded Dance on DCP
  • Filmed at the Bristol Hippodrome, UK in 2013
  • 2D | 2K | 5.1 sound | DCP