Everybody Really Was Talking About Jamie Live In Cinemas!

July 6, 2018


The multi-award winning West End hit musical, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, was broadcast live to over 500 cinemas across the UK and Ireland from the Apollo Theatre in London on Thursday 5th July 2018. We’re delighted to announce that this fabulous live theatre event was #1 at the UK Box Office on Thursday 5th July!

Audiences were thrilled to be able to see West End theatre beamed live to their local cinemas and took to Twitter to share their thoughts – here’s a selection of the many tweets:

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie was amazing! Such a lovely evening in my local area watching a brilliant West End musical. Please @more2screen @theatre_direct more theatre cinema screenings!!!!!! Its perfect for those who cannot reach London!  #JamieLondon #jamiecinema #theatre

The cinema here in Northampton’s full of mums with teens, same-sex couples & gender diverse people. I saw a non binary person smiling with their elderly grandfather. This is the effect the Jamie phenomenon has on the world and it’s amazing @JamieMusical #JamieLondon #JamieCinema

Replying to @more2screen @JamieMusical and 5 others
Thank you thank you thank you for bringing Jamie to the cinema screen. An unforgettable evening. I loved it.

Got to see the live broadcast of @JamieMusical at the cinema tonight and honestly, more shows need to do this (@HamiltonMusical *hint hint*)! Loved every second of this show and has such a good message for young people!

Omg so glad I was eventually able to see Everybody’s Talking about Jamie in the cinema after it was sold out when I was in London. What an amazing show and cast! Absolutely loved it  @JamieMusical #Jamiecinema

One of the main plus points of watching @JamieMusical at the cinema was getting to get such a good view of the faces and little details… especially @Lukey3  #Jamiecinema

So glad I got to take my lovely niece @byungbutton to see @JamieMusical last night. I loved it just as much if not more the second time  The cast always deliver a superb performance #JamieLondon #JamieCinema #EverybodysTalkingAboutJamie Thanks for bringing it to the cinema’s

Flippin’ eck, I’d forgotten just how brilliant @JamieMusical is! Great to be able to watch the live screening in Exeter tonight, bawled my eyes out and laughed my socks off all over again #JamieLondon #JamieMusical #JamieCinema #andyoudontevenknowit

LOVE LOVE LOVE @JamieMusical Couldn’t stop myself from ordering the soundtrack in the interval!! #jamielondon #jamiecinema